After new legislation came into effect as of October 2018 the way shops selling animals changed and for the better, there’s still a few wrinkles to iron out in the government guidelines but it’s nearly there.  One of the changes also saw that a star rating system would be set in place, were very proud to announce that after our vet inspection and council report we have been awarded 5 stars out of 5!   We cannot wait to see what the future of 2019 holds for us and the changes that will be this space! And thank you to all of our customers and staff and happy new year ! 

For all of those that already know us, then youll know that were constantly undergoing works, (sounds posher than makiing a mess) to keep up with all of your demands, such as increasing housing capabilities, for more and more animals.

Allthough our livestock list is never huge, this is because, we make sure we don't miss an animals care by accident, and dont believe in racks systems, and overcrowding of vivariums like most.

All of our reptiles come with a 5 day guarantee, and undergo a standard 1-2 week quarantine period.


------Boarding available--------

------Insurance available ------

------Aftercare and advice----

------No pushy sales --------------

------custom sized vivariums---

------Custrom designed backgrounds/drops--

------Livefoods ONLY £1.75 per tub --

------Frozen foods available --

------Car parking ------------------

------Delivery service ------------


These are just a few of why, not to bother going elsewhere






Finally, after a lot of hard work and creativity, the rear of the store is now finished and open to the public!

In July 2015, we got given an anole which might not sound special, but she was found in a pack of bananas from Columbia to ASDA in the UK. We got given the lizard by a local vet, not knowing what the species was or how to look after the animal. After sometime, we managed identify the lizard and is now in our live plant set up at the front of the store! She currently lives with various other animals, like sun beetles, amazon milk frogs and fire salamders. She is thriving with us, shedding at least once every two weeks, and enjoying life! 

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