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Nhandu chromatus/ Brazilian redand white

Nhandu carapoensis/Brazilian red

Nhandu coloratouvillosus/Brazilian black and white 

Brachypelma hamorii/Mexican Red knee

Brachypelma albopilosum/curly hair

Brachypelma emilia/Mexican Red leg

Lasiodora parhybana/salmon pink birdeater

Phormingochilus sp rufus/Java tree tiger

Pelinboius muticus/King baboon 

Heteroscodra maculata/Togo starburst

Grammostola pulchripes/Chaco golden knee



Phormictopus atrichromutus

Chromotopelma cyaneopubescens/Green bottle blue 

Lasiodora parhybana/Salmon pink birdeater



Brachypelma vagans/Mexican redrump


This is the first Flying Gecko (kuhli) we have offered for sale, and won't stick around for long,shes calming down (shyness) a treat, hes feeding well on small crickets . SOLD

Common snapping turtle - not to be mistaken for the massive, but awesome alligator snapping turtle, this little guy however temperment, thinks he is one, but feeds well and is as lively as ever SOLD pending deposit after quarantine.

CB16 cuban night anole £45, such a little character already, feeding well on jelly pots, banana, worm and crickets, would be perfect for any bio set up SOLD

CB15 female salmon boa - SOLD, lovely to handle once out, approx 5ft feeding well on defrost Large rats, available from £2.75 each or deals on multipacks....other morphs are available, and many more to order. SOLd

CB14 / 15 / 16 Royal Pythons from just £34.95 each set ups start at just SOLD please message for more details

CB16 and CB17 Bearded dragons from £70 each, our set up complete start at £250 including foods, insurances, and guarantees

CB17 Horsfield tortoise £110 set ups start from just £165 for a trotoise table, light fitting, combined uv and basking bulb, water pool, calcium supplememts, substrates, stands to fit for an extra £50

This years baby Mud eyed croc skink is an absolute gem - NOW RESERVED - more are available including red eyed prices range from £130-£170

When we saw this little guy/girl we had to have him, just look at those colours pop, with full tail, all toes, and only a small amount of shyness, he/she will grow in to such a cracker - ready on the 16/07/2017 for just £45 SOLD

How about this cracking little guy...Leopard tortoise, one of last years babies, currently in quarantine, to ensure the health and well being of him is perfect and will be ready to go on the 16/07/17..a range of set ups from just £165, lincolns cheapest tortoise set ups*, and remeber our reptiles come with longer than most guarantees, for any further details please message us on Facebook 

This Pinstripe royal python - CB15 feeding very well on weaner rats, makes for a perfect first time python, set ups available in store - £90

Brazilian rainbow boa - no longer available.. however juveniles are readily available, drop us a message, prices start at £90

American green tree frogs...These specific little dudes, are now sold however, we regulary have stock and availability to us and groups average £80 for 5, and make great easy frogs for any bio set up.


***NOW SOLD *****

This gorgeous carpet python, is a dream to handle which makes a nice change for carpet pythons, feeds well on large weaner rats - just £50

CB14 AR10 Certified Dumerils boa pair for just £300. This beautiful pair has been with us for approx 4 months, and are both very handleable, feeding on large rats regulary. All of our reptiles come with 5 day guarantee, as standard.

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